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8 Tips for Year-End Strategic Planning

Deciding where to invest business resources (e.g. time, employee labor, money, etc.) will determine the business’ path going forward. This kind of strategic thinking requires insight, information, perspective, and planning. Read on to discover industry-tested tips on how to end

Prioritizing Business Activities for Maximum Efficiency

Business owners often walk into the office in the morning with a full plate. Your list of to-dos never shortens, but you can take some steps to make your use of time more efficient. Prioritize daily tasks to ensure you’re

The Right Way to Network in 2017

In business, the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who you know,” often holds true. LinkedIn reports 85 percent of jobs come through networking. Connections open doors, create opportunities, and make the business world an exciting and dynamic

Why Bookkeeping Is Important

Bookkeeping isn’t just something for people who love details. It’s an important part of running a company, no matter the size. While large companies can typically hire a bookkeeping specialist, small business owners usually don’t have the financial flexibility to

Bookkeeping Advice from the Pros

Bookkeeping is an essential part of running your business. Your records are vital for tax time, but they also help you paint a clearer picture of your company’s financial health. Keeping detailed records can save you from unnecessary headaches and

The Ins and Outs of Depreciation

Business depreciation is an income tax deduction that allows small business owners to recover losses from property. Knowing how to claim depreciation, what the IRS requires, and the best ways to file can help save your business money come tax

Tax Deductions for your Small Business

For a small business, claiming deductions can help decrease the amount of taxes paid out each year. Listed below are a few expenses entrepreneurs can take advantage of when it’s time to file. Auto Expenses   Whether your company owns

The Most Profitable Accounting Techniques for Startups

Entrepreneurs are by definition an eclectic, creative breed. Each entrepreneur has his or her own way of tackling accounting. There are many different techniques and tools in accounting for entrepreneurs to choose from, but which techniques are the best? There

Four Common Cash Flow Mistakes that Can Sink Your Small Business

Managing cash flow is only one aspect of running a small business, but it is essential that this aspect is done correctly. Many small business owners make common mistakes when it comes to managing their cash flow. Some of these

Why You Need to Master Accounting to Thrive as a Startup

You’re an entrepreneur, so you must know all about accounting, right? It seems a simple task to ensure the timely payment of accounts. Well, yes and no. Tracking accounts payable and receivable is a critical aspect of accounting, but it