Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting is a science dealing with the application of accounting facts gathered through auditing methods and procedures to resolve legal problems. It is a specialty requiring the integration of investigative, accounting and auditing skills. The forensic accountant looks at documents and financial and other data in a critical manner in order to:

  • draw conclusions and calculate values and to
  • identify irregular patterns and/or suspicious transactions.

A forensic accountant does not merely look at the numbers but rather behind the numbers. (Barron’s Accounting Dictionary)

Diversified Management Services, Inc. (DMS) has experience in business auditing, and financial investigations within a legal team environment. We are analytic, objective, highly organized, detail-oriented, thorough, persistent and able to communicate effectively.

DMS has also conducted fraud detection and prevention investigations for small businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin. It is especially helpful for business start-ups when they are in the process of setting up their accounting systems and procedures.

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