My wife and me have been working with DMS for over 10 years. They are great for small businesses. Highly recommend.

Robert Marsh

As a business owner who has experienced the expertise of Theresa Schwager owner of Diversified Management Services, I would highly recommend anyone who is either starting a business or wants to expand the potential of their current business to consult with DMS.
The foundational success of any business starts with good management, let DMS be the pillars of success of your businesses foundation.

Brian Schwager

We have a “well-oiled machine” now

We were referred to Diversified by an accounting firm initially for training us on Quick Books and to set up all the accounts we needed to begin using it for everything. Helping us start from scratch, Theresa was calm, patient, skilled at teaching us and very knowledgeable. Theresa inspired confidence which lead us to ultimately turn over our payroll with its taxes and reports to Diversified.

After 3 years of working with Theresa, I believe we have a well-oiled machine. Twice per year Theresa comes to our office to look through Quick Books to make sure we are ready to send a copy to our accountant for our corporate tax preparation.

Over these 3 years, anytime something new comes up, such as recently the Payroll Protection Program, Theresa has been very responsive, making sure she understands what we all need to know to handle things successfully. We have been grateful for her diligence, even working into the evening to assist us. We have been pleased with, and would definitely recommend Diversified.

Madelene Smith

Theresa is extremely knowledgeable in accounting

I just wanted to say that working with Theresa has been nothing short of phenomenal…She really has extreme expertise with accounting principles and the quickbooks software. When I first came to her, I was very unorganized and scattered with multiple businesses that I own. She came in and completely re-organized everything for me and set up new systems that have made running these businesses much easier with a simple workflow. I couldn’t imagine my businesses without the setup that she gave me. She also continues to maintain my books, produce reports so I know exactly where my businesses stand, etc. I’ve never had a better grasp on my financials since I’ve been working with Theresa and it just makes my life so much easier knowing that this part of my businesses are handled. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to simplify their bookkeeping and have a firm grasp on the financial well being of their company.

Nick Ruiz
Smart Home Solutions LLC

Testimonial Regarding Financial Services

I would like to share my full endorsement of Theresa Schwager and her company, Diversified Management Services.

Ms. Schwager has been performing our accounting services for the past 17 years. We have a rather complex business structure with both contractors and employees and two separate corporations.

Ms. Schwager has always demonstrated the highest levels of accounting practice. She is meticulous, accurate, focused and professional. I have always experienced that whatever reports and documentation we need they are always readily available and highly detailed.

More importantly, Ms. Schwager has always treated our business almost as if it was her own. She has always demonstrated great care in dealing with all of our issues both simple and challenging. More so, I would say that she has always made sure that she protects our company by doing good and thorough work.

I highly recommend Ms. Schwager and look forward to another 17 years of doing business with Diversified Management Services .

Maurice Dumit, MPT
INVIVO Wellness

A much needed service for a small one person (Owned) business…!

Diversified Management Services, Inc ( Theresa Schwager) has been working with me to keep my quick books clean and up to date since 2009. Theresa spent several days training me on how to use Quick Books early in my start up stage, which has allowed me to accurately enter and track all my business activities while giving my accountant everything he needs to do my business taxes…! We look forward to a continued working relationship with Diversified Management Services in the upcoming years…! If your a large company or a small one owner business like mine; Diversified Management Services will provide the necessary backing every company needs…!

Steven DeMore

We would highly recommend! We have been very satisfied clients for 20 years!

We have been clients for 20 years and have been extremely satisfied with all of the services we have received, over all of these years. Theresa is highly knowledgeable and very trained in her craft. She takes care of what we consider to be our very complex and time-consuming accounting needs. Her advice over the years has been invaluable.We really could not have run our business without her. She is a true professional who we can always trust and rely on. She makes it possible for us to focus on our patients and their care and not get tied up in the accounting tasks. Thank you so much for all you do!
April and Curry Chaudoir

April Chaudoir