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8 Tips for Year-End Strategic Planning

Deciding where to invest business resources (e.g. time, employee labor, money, etc.) will determine the business’ path going forward. This kind of strategic thinking requires insight, information, perspective, and planning. Read on to discover industry-tested tips on how to end

Prioritizing Business Activities for Maximum Efficiency

Business owners often walk into the office in the morning with a full plate. Your list of to-dos never shortens, but you can take some steps to make your use of time more efficient. Prioritize daily tasks to ensure you’re

Why Bookkeeping Is Important

Bookkeeping isn’t just something for people who love details. It’s an important part of running a company, no matter the size. While large companies can typically hire a bookkeeping specialist, small business owners usually don’t have the financial flexibility to

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Important Changes Regarding 2014 Deductions

Effective in the year 2014, businesses are limited to only a $25,000 equipment expense deduction. In 2013, this limit was $500,000 for equipment. Section 179: Equipment and property depreciation deduction Additionally, Qualified leasehold improvements, qualified restaurant and retail improvements can be