Keeping Your Ducks in a Row: 3 Finance Tips for Small Businesses

The downturn and slow recovery of the US economy continues to impact the workforce in huge ways. While traditional 9-5 jobs still exist, more people are turning to self-employment and small business operation. Operating your own business carries several advantages such as being able to set your own hours and work on projects you’re passionate about. Yet many businesses fail within their first couple of years because owners lack the financial facts they need. Today, we’ll explore some key finance tips that will ensure your business succeeds so you can enjoy working for yourself.

Prepare for Loans

Most, if not all, small businesses start out with loans and mortgages. It’s crucial to know which ones will benefit you the most. Before requesting a loan, ensure you have good credit and as little debt as possible. Most banks will work with you on refinancing certain debts, but too much debt is a sign of irresponsibility. Additionally, study up on the type of loan you need and how soon you can pay it off based on the money your business is expected to make. Build good relationships with trusted financial advisers, and ask questions to determine whether you need a bank loan or alternative lender.

Start Small

Most business owners dream of coming up with the next bestselling product and never facing financial worries again. This is a great goal but takes time to reach. Develop your product or service and offer it to local markets first. If you want to start a tutoring business, begin by helping neighborhood students with homework and papers.

Know How to Budget

Before anything else, figure out a starting budget. It should include materials, transportation costs, employee salaries if applicable, bank loans, and other relevant costs. Create the budget with an experienced financier at your side, as the task can be overwhelming. Once you’ve set the budget, stick to it.

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