QuickBooks® QuickTips

Some suggestions for little known and often asked questions on how to use some of the QuickBooks® features

Pressing the Tab key moves your cursor from one field to the next. What do you do if you want to move the cursor back one or two fields without taking your hands off the keyboard? Press the Shift key and the Tab key together to move the cursor back to the previous fields.

How can I find a particular invoice number without scrolling backwards through all the invoices?

On the menu bar at the top of your screen is the Edit button. In the drop down menu you will find a button called Find. In newer versions of QuickBooks®, you have an option called Advanced Find. Choose that button and then choose “Number” on the left menu of that screen. Then type in the number of the invoice you wish to find. (You can use the Find feature to find almost anything.)

Invoice Notes
How do I write a note on an invoice without using an item from the drop down menu?

Put your cursor anywhere in the Description area of the invoice and type whatever you need to note on that invoice. It will not affect anything else on the invoice.

How can I tell when my quarterly business liability insurance payment is due, or any other consistent payments, without constantly referencing our “Bills” file?

Many clients want to know in advance (at least 10 days) when a large payment is due. One way to let QuickBooks® remind you is by memorizing the bill. After entering the bill, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and press Edit. In the drop down menu press Memorize Bill. Another screen will pop up asking how often you want to be reminded (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) and the next date you want to be reminded.