Small Business Payroll Administration Services

Payroll administration is more than just writing a paycheck. It involves knowing:

  • what to withhold
  • how much to withhold
  • which government agencies to send the withholding to
  • when to pay them and
  • how to pay them

In addition, each government agency requires filing Quarterly and Annual reports. Let Diversified Management Services, Inc. (DMS) help you navigate the complexity behind the payroll process. We also offer Direct Deposit for your employees, eliminating the need for writing paychecks.

DMS handles the deadlines to help you avoid penalties, and we use Intuit payroll software to prevent errors.

  • Meeting Payday Deadlines: We ensure timeliness and accuracy, so your employees and contractors receive paychecks while we file your payroll taxes.
  • Accurate Payroll: The payroll process requires accuracy and acute attention to detail. DMS takes the time and labor to meet payroll and tax filing obligations for you.
  • Employment Taxes, Forms and Filing: We offer payroll administration relief and tax filing services to improve your small businesses efficiency.
  • Record Keeping Compliance: Using Intuit software,  your books and payroll will be compliant with state and federal regulations, with your employee payroll records available to you for validation, review and expense management.
  • Expert Administration: Improve confidence in payroll accounting; contact DMS to help pay your employees and payroll taxes, and manage benefits, garnishments and overtime.

Your time should be devoted to managing your company. We’re local, dedicated and often more affordable than other big business payroll processing services. We handle your hourly employee and salary employee payroll calculations, benefits deductions and federal and state employment taxes.

You focus on running your small business while we handle contractor or employee payroll administration and tax filing. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.