We have a “well-oiled machine” now

We were referred to Diversified by an accounting firm initially for training us on Quick Books and to set up all the accounts we needed to begin using it for everything. Helping us start from scratch, Theresa was calm, patient, skilled at teaching us and very knowledgeable. Theresa inspired confidence which lead us to ultimately turn over our payroll with its taxes and reports to Diversified.

After 3 years of working with Theresa, I believe we have a well-oiled machine. Twice per year Theresa comes to our office to look through Quick Books to make sure we are ready to send a copy to our accountant for our corporate tax preparation.

Over these 3 years, anytime something new comes up, such as recently the Payroll Protection Program, Theresa has been very responsive, making sure she understands what we all need to know to handle things successfully. We have been grateful for her diligence, even working into the evening to assist us. We have been pleased with, and would definitely recommend Diversified.